I use irssi as my irc client. irssi supports perl scripting to allow users adding the bits and pieces they need. As I use irc quite a lot i decided to write some scripts to make it even more comfortable. The pic on the right hand is Irssi in a xterm with my own theme called painless.
For a very long time, I used EPIC4 combined with my own script brainfuck. However, I discovered that irssi had all the features that I wanted natively, and that it was easy to configure. Moreover, I don't have the burden of maintaining my script anymore. I run my client within a screen because it allows my to attach the terminal from different places (my laptop for example) and I can run an SSH tunnel in another window (yes, I run IRC over SSH).
What? BitchX? Sure.. read this and STFU!!!111!!1. BitchX. .. *lol*. Why should i drive skateboard if i can have a ferrari? See for details.
btw. Irssi supports UTF-8; simple add
UXTerm*utf8: 1
UXTerm*eightBitInput: false
UXTerm*metaSendsEscape: true
in your ~/.Xdefaults and reload it with xrdb -merge ~/.Xdefaults. Then use xterm -class UXTerm or simple uxterm. You should now have an UTF-8 enabled terminal. Now ssh to the host on which Irssi is to be run. To enable UTF-8 for GNU Screen you type screen -U, start irssi and /set term_type utf-8. For more informations see

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