First, it is a non-graphic mailer, that can be run in a text terminal.
This can be seen as a disadvantage by some people, but the interface is very good making Mutt very pleasant to use, and this also has advantages: it is very fast, it can be run remotely with a text connection (this is useful for some of us!) and several operations can be done in the graphic mode (by using an XWindow client): composing messages, reading messages (possibly occsionally), viewing attachments, etc.

mutt is, IMHO, one the best Unix based mail reader I've ever seen (after Gnus). Instead of me telling you how good it is I suggest you pop over to the mutt home page and have a look for yourself.
Well, mutt is a powerful Mail User Agent (MUA). It features configurable key bindings, POP3 and IMAP support, MIME support, message threading, easy integration with PGP and GnuPG, colorized display, complete message header manipulation, hooks for modifying the configuration based on certain
conditions, and many more.

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