At first: I dont use KDE or Gnome! Fvwm is a window manager for X11. It is a derivative of twm, redesigned to minimize memory consumption, provide a 3-D look to window frames, and provide a simple virtual desktop. Version 2.xx uses only slightly more memory than 1.xx, mostly due to some global options being able to be window specific now. Gob shut JoelH or you'll be under arms.. Kiddie. KDE SUCKS! Console ruled!!!!111!!

My earliest introduction to the world of *nix Window Managers was fvwm, but the first impression was .. *aehm* .. yes .. and i've installed windowmaker. So what finally led me away from Window Maker? It seemed the more I got to know it, the more antsy I became. The same tight vision that gave Window Maker an aura of style also made it inflexible and controlling. The developer community mirrored this. The typical mailing list reaction to any suggestion of change was not "show us the patch", but "over our dead bodies". The code itself was out of my league, too complex and multi-layered for my budding X-programming skills to work with. Attempts to make even small cosmetic changes failed.
I went back to evilwm but this one comes without any useful keyboard accelerators and editable configuration files *narf*. I decided it was time for me to face my old enemy, Fvwm. I had evolved quite a bit since our last meeting, into less of a passive user and more of a hacker, and had heard a lot of interesting rumors as well. I heard that Fvwm was boundlessly flexible, and had hidden delights to offer to those who could tame it. I heard that it was scriptable beyond the dreams of mortals. I even heard that, despite the contrary evidence of almost every Fvwm screenshot in existence, it could actually look good! All of this turned out to be true. And so I came full circle.

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